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Working as the 1st AC with Director of Photography Craig Patterson..

TV Commercials I helped create!

On location 1990 with Little Richard

Ten years of moving up the production ladder, I found myself working in the Art Department as a Local 44 Union Property Master in Los Angeles, CA. During my time as a Property Master, I worked mainly on National television spots with award-winning directors, cinematographers, and production designers. From soda pop to the Super Bowl, I helped create hundreds of television spots (motion picture advertisements) during my career.

On set. When fanny packs were 'hip'. 

Jack Danniels spot 

My first job in "The Business"

Working in L.A. was a wonderful  lesson in how to be professional in the "Film Industry" but  after nearly three decades, I decided to be a 'filmmaker'and shifted my focus from Commercial filmmaking to Documentary Filmmaking.

After tking a month long intensive documentary filmmking course in 2008 at Main Media Workshops I purchased enough professional gear to make it a film and start my business.

The Hut, my home/studio, is another one of my createtive ventures and was the perfect place to set up a full service film production comapny. 

On Januray 1st 2009 Hutman Media was established in Hotchkiss Colorado.  With the knowledge and experience I had aquired over decades of production experience I set out to make short films. 

Over the next six years, I created dozens of short films for many local businesses, nonprofits, and community-based organizations.

Hutman Media's current focus is to produce short films that promote, educate, and inform in a creative, professional way.

I ventured out into the freelance world and began working on National television ads. Starting out as a production assistant, I soon began working several crew positions on a variety of projects. 

My career started in Northern California where I was the "Office Runner" at One Pass Video, a broadcast editing facility.  Soon after my time at One Pass Video, I landed a job at a professional motion picture equipment rental company, Mason Studio Services in Sausalito, CA. It was there where I learned a lot about professional film equipment.


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